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Our surveys use resident travel information to inform transportation experts who then improve those communities.

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ETC Institute (ETC) specializes in the design and administration of market research for governmental organizations. ETC is a leader in the field of transportation-related data collection and research. ETC has a set of mobile apps and online tools known as the "American Travel Survey". Those tools along with ETC's U.S.-based call center, collect household travel survey data from residents for transportation planning organizations all over the United States. This data helps local and state planners so they can make more informed budget decisions and planning improvements that truly benefit their communities.

​To learn more about the current household travel survey projects ETC is conducting on behalf of state and local agencies, click here. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

American Travel Survey Presented by ETC Institute

ETC Institute is conducting household travel surveys in select regions across the country on behalf of state and local transportation agencies.

To help develop the best improvement plans and projects possible, state department's of transportation and local communities collect travel information from businesses, residents and drivers. ETC Institute is contracted by state and local transportation agencies to administer this survey by recruiting households across a designated study area to participate. The information gathered is used for research purposes and kept confidential, except as provided by the Public Information Act.

Although participation is voluntary, residents who are recruited will consider should make it a priority to participate in the survey to ensure that similar households in the area are properly represented. The results will be used by the state and local transportation agencies to plan future transportation improvements.

Incentives are paid by ETC Institute. To review the incentive policy disclaimer for this project click here.

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ETC Institute's surveys are different than most. Our surveys make real changes in the areas where you live. Your input will improve the lives of the people you care about AND you get paid for that input!

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